Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I've Been Searchin' So Long

This video was inspired my sweetheart and muse...the one that I have been searching for all my life.  The song "I've Been Searchin' So Long is off the Chicago VII Album by the Group Chicago.

Chicago VII is one of my favorite albums because of the Jazz pieces the band set out to record. These pieces include Prelude to Aire, Aire, Devil's Sweet, Italian from New York, and my personal favorite Mongonucleosis.  Mongonucleosis was my first live performance in 1974 with the short lived Jazz Band that we lovingly called The Band.   In fact, it was our only official live performance.

Because of worries that an all Jazz release would not sell, the band included its famous combination of ballads to round out the album.  This Album is a must have for any lover of Jazz.

About the Video.

Like I said this video was inspired my by sweetheart.  The video chronicles the journey of my heart that has taken way too many years...but the wait has been well worth it. 

The first scene is of a bird flying over a desolate forest.  Although there is much to learn about the forest it was not all that life had to offer.  

In the second scene the birds soul (represented in white) begins to search for love and fulfillment.  Although this journey was filled with many experiences it does not find what it is looking for. 

In the third scene I find what I have been looking for, but do not understand what it means...I now must search for that meaning and finally realize what it is.

In the fourth scene I discover that who I am is reflected by the one I love...she give meaning to my search.

In the fifth scene I feel the release of angst that has been pent up inside of me...I become free.

In the final scenes the bird takes shape as an eagle...free of the worries that had kept my life from being complete....I achieve happiness with the one I love...and the one that loves me for who I am.

Thanks Gina.


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  1. I don't know what to say . . . except that I was on a similar journey and you have made my life complete. I love you . . . thank you for such a beautiful video :-)